The Finance Department is the hub of the City's financial management system. The Finance Department is responsible for:

  • Accounts Receivable – Billing, receipting, and collecting local improvement districts (LID) assessments, engineering services, grave sales, burial fees, and fire protection agreements.

  • Accounting – Maintaining the City’s general ledger.

  • Budget – Coordinating budget preparation and monitoring the budget along with the City Manager’s Office.

  • Court payments – Receipting court payments

  • Financial Reports – Assisting the auditors in the preparation of the City’s annual financial statements

  • Investments – Investing activities for all City funds

  • Licenses – Administration of City business licenses and dog licenses

  • Taxes – Administration of City transient room tax and fuel tax

  • Transportation – Administration of the City of Pendleton Transportation programs for the public and for the senior/disabled.

  • Utility billing – City water and sewer utility billings, receipts, and collections

  • Payables – Generating all City checks for payment of goods and services

  • Payroll – Generating payroll and maintaining payroll records

  • Lien Searches