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City Hall and the Pendleton Library will be CLOSED from 10:00 am to 10:30 am on Monday, August 21 to provide an opportunity for staff to take part in the viewing of the Solar Eclipse.

Update: Water Supply Status (Day 11)

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Water supply work has city crews building a platform for an additional well rig to assist with hammering out a blockage causing the pumping equipment to be stuck within the well hole. Two lengths of 10-foot column pipe are above the well hole and three lengths are still in the well hole along with the pump. Crews are expected to complete the platform by the end of the Thursday. The pump installer and additional well driller will both be on-site beginning Friday to remove the blockage and continue work on the well repairs to put Well 2 back online and producing water.


Air Quality Commission

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The Air Quality Commission will be meeting in the Community room, located at City Hall on Thursday, August 16 at 6:00 pm.


Update: Water Supply Status (Day 10)

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Water supply work came to a standstill Tuesday afternoon at Well 2 located in Roy Raley Park.  33 column pipe and shaft have been removed from the well hole.

Update: Water Supply Status (Day 9)

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Water supply work continues at Well 2 located in Roy Raley Park. The new pump is scheduled to arrive to the site on Wednesday, along with other replacement pumping equipment. Pump installer is expected to move directly from removal of existing pumping equipment to installing the new pump and new pumping equipment to expedite putting Well 2 back on-line. Well 2 may be back online by the end of this week.


Update: Water Supply Status (Day 8)

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Water supply work began this morning at Well 2 located in Roy Raley Park. Well 2 is the city’s largest production well at about 2.6 million gallons per day.