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North Bank Umatilla Advisory Committee

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The Pendleton Parks & Recreation Commission is creating a North Bank Umatilla Advisory Committee to create a vision for the north side of the Umatilla River. This visioning effort will be funded by a grant the city has received with the help of Blue Mountain Land Trust.

Cemetery Closed For Maintenance

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Olney Cemetery grounds will be closed to the public from 7 am on Wednesday, October 10 until 7 am on Thursday, October 11, 2018, for maintenance work. We apologize for this inconvenience. The cemetery office will still be open for business during normal hours. You may reach us at 541-276-8100, or at the office at 865 Tutuilla Rd.

Pendleton Bronze Trail

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Pendleton is home to a number of bronze statues many of which tell a part of the towns rich history.  A website guides the visitor to the location of each piece of art (  The site is optimized for mobile and tablet use.  Every page features a brief history of each statue that can be listened to or read and an interactive map of each statues location.  There are 22 works of art on the trail.  The website was made available by Travel Pendleton working with the Umatilla County Historical Society.

“Let’er Bus Transit”.

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The City of Pendleton is introducing the new deviated fixed route transit service, called “Let’er Bus Transit”.   The routes will begin on October 15th and will run two different routes, six times a day.  The routes will not operate on federal holidays or weekends.   Please see the route map and bus stop times on this website.  Each one way ride will cost $1.   

Bus Route Map

Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteers in 2017 donated 3,830 hours of their time in 4 departments – Library, Parks & Recreation, Police and City Hall.  IN those departments, Volunteers held 32 different positions.  The City of Pendleton Volunteer Program for 2017 is available here.

Notes from the Council Chamber

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September 18, 2018

New Vehicles

Council agreed to purchase 2 new police vehicles and a new bus which will be used to implement a new fixed route bus service.  The bus and operation costs for the service are funded through a state grant.  Staff is working out the logistics of purchasing a fire truck  which was budgeted for in this years budget and hope to have another upon completion of the fire station.