2020 Construction Season Map

Interactive Map Link

To use the map, please follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Click on the link above
  2. To view the legend, click on the shapes/3-lines in the top right-hand green box. This will explain what type of street project each colored line represents.
  3. To view individual project details, click on a single colored line on the map. Each line represents a different scheduled project, and clicking on it will give more details about the project.

2020 Overlay Schedule

2020 Estimated Overlay Schedule Summary (PDF)

To view the Estimated 2020 Overlay Schedule, please click on the link listed above.  Overall, the 2020 Overlay Project work will start on Tuesday, May 26, 2020 and continue through the first week of August 2020.  The schedule will be updated as needed for inclement weather considerations.

Sustainable Street Maintenance Funding


Pavement Condition Index (PCI) - measure of the health of a street or street network

  • Ranges from 0 - 100
  • Streets with a PCI between 70 and 100 are considered Good
  • Streets with a PCI between 50 and 70 are considered Fair
  • Streets with a PCI between 0 and 50  are considered Poor and Very Poor

Deferred maintenance - the dollar amount that should have been spent to maintain streets in good condition but wasn’t because of funding shortfalls. 

Street Facts

The first paved roads were built in Pendleton in the early 20th century.  The City has 87 miles of paved streets valued at $115 million.

Pendleton’s overall street network has a PCI of 61.  The street network has served over 75% of its useful life and is facing increasing maintenance costs as pavement condition continues to decline.

  • 43% Good condition - $3.25 square yard maintenance cost (crack seal and chip seal to protect road base)
  • 26% Fair condition - between $3.25 to $15 per square yard maintenance cost
  • 23% Poor condition - $15 per square yard maintenance cost
  • 8%   Very Poor condition - $80 per square yard reconstruction cost (base failure; reconstruction is required)

Current street maintenance funding - $1,200,000 million (Fiscal Year 2020).

  • $580,000 from state and federal gas tax
  • $447,000 from the street utility fee the Council approved in 2015
  • $173,000 from the city’s General Fund
  • $100,000 from marijuana tax

Deferred maintenance

  • Current - $12 million
  • Projected by 2028 at current funding levels - $40 million

Pendleton’s streets get worse every year because maintenance costs exceed allocated funding.  As Good streets fall to Fair, and Fair streets fall to Poor and Very Poor, maintenance costs increase.  As maintenance costs increase and revenue does not,  deferred maintenance increases.  Deferred maintenance costs only stop increasing under two conditions:

  • There is enough funding allocated to maintain streets in their current condition
  • The entire networks falls into Very Poor condition.  Deferred maintenance = $115 million (cost of replacing street network)

For a detailed report, see the Pavement Management Report here.

Council Commitment

Council Goal for 2020 - Raise additional $1,000,000 to bring total street funding to $2,200,000.

Based on public input sustainably funding streets is the Council’s and the community’s highest priority.  By December 2019 the Council is committed to raising an additional $1 million per year for street maintenance bringing our total street maintenance budget up to $2.2 million per year.  At this level of funding we can bring the majority of our streets into Good condition within the next 10 years and maintain them at that level thereafter.  Maintaining streets in Good condition assures the most efficient use of public funds for street maintenance.


Click here for additional information about the cost of road repairs, and explanation of questions like how the City decides which roads get repaired first.