Staff Directory by Department

Department Name Title Email Address Division
Administration  Biggerstaff, Donna Administrative Assistant  
Administration  Corbett, Robb City Manager City Manager
Administration Denight, Charles Assoc. Director PDC
Administration  Denton, Andrea Human Resources Manager, City Recorder City Recorder Human Resources
Administration  Kerns, Nancy City Attorney Legal
Administration Turner, John Mayor Mayor
Airport Chrisman, Steve Airport & Economic Development Director  
Airport Harrison, Dean Airport Operations & Maintenance Spec.  
Airport Stewart, Erica Office Specialist 3  
Community Development  Chase, Julie Permit Technician Planning
Community Development  Clough, George City Planner Planning
Community Development  Green, Wayne Associate Engineer Engineering
Community Development Renie, Lauren Engineering Tech 2 Engineering
Community Development  Simons, Tim Community Development Director  
Community Development  Wagner, Mike Sr. Engineering Tech Engineering
Community Development Woolsey, Ty Building Inspector Building
Convention Center Chrisman, Steve Convention Center Manager  
Convention Center Marshall, Kathy Office Specialist  
Convention Center Mitzimberg, Dan Utility Worker 1  
Convention Center Skjelstad, Jim Utility Worker 1  
Economic Development & Airport Chrisman, Steve Economic Development & Airport Manager  
Facilities Graham, Glenn Facilities Manager  
Facilities Hoeft, Mike Building Maintenance Technician  
Facilities Rivard, Don Building Utility Worker  
Facilities Schuening, Mike Facility/Maintenance Tech 3  
Finance Anderson, Marilyn Municipal Court Clerk Municipal Court
Finance Carter, Linda Finance Director  
Finance Doherty, Heaven Sr. Account Clerk Utility Billing
Finance Dougherty, Dustin Accounting Supervisor  
Finance Fitzpatrick, Sherri Sr. Account Clerk Customer Relations
Finance Hancock, Travis Sr. Account Clerk Accounts Payable
Finance Harrington, Brian Accounting Supervisor  
Finance Kern, Kim Sr. Account Clerk Payroll
Finance King, Linda Municipal Court Clerk Municipal Court
Fire and Ambulance Becker, Lorne Firefighter/Paramedic  
Fire and Ambulance Brost, Steve Captain  
Fire and Ambulance Cave, Mark Firefighter/Paramedic  
Fire and Ambulance Easley, Mark Firefighter/Paramedic  
Fire and Ambulance Hergert, Dan Captain  
Fire and Ambulance Hoeft, Karen Sr. Account Clerk  
Fire and Ambulance Keene, Jeremy Lieutenant  
Fire and Ambulance Lewis, Mark Firefighter/Paramedic  
Fire and Ambulance Murstig, Craig Firefighter/Paramedic  
Fire and Ambulance Penninger, Shawn Asst. Chief/Fire Marshal  
Fire and Ambulance Perry, Jeff Lieutenant  
Fire and Ambulance Proctor, Marc Firefighter  
Fire and Ambulance Richardson, John Captain  
Fire and Ambulance Sams, Daryl Lieutenant  
Fire and Ambulance Schmidtgall, Brandon Lieutenant  
Fire and Ambulance Tyer, Jordan Firefighter  
Fire and Ambulance Wilkinson, Adam Firefighter  
Library Culley, Heather Library Asst. 2  
Library Finney, Mary Library Director  
Library Costley, Jennifer Assistant Library Director  
Library Shurts, Katie Library Asst. 2  
Library Wick, Catherine Library Asst. 2  
Municipal Court Perkinson, William Municipal Court Judge  
Parks & Recreation Brown, Casey Special Projects Coordinator  
Parks & Recreation Hughes, Liam Parks, Rec & Cem.  Director  
Parks & Recreation Hamilton, Jeff Parks & Recreation Supervisor Aquatic Center
Parks & Recreation Porter, Melissa Office Specialist  
Police Addleman, Chase Patrol Officer  
Police Anderson, Dianna Police Assistant  
Police Bessette, Nathan Corporal  
Police Bonifer, Mindy Police Assistant  
Police Bowen, Howard Detective  
Police Byram, Charles Lieutenant  
Police Clark, Cassidy Patrol Officer  
Police Etchamendy, Jennifer Code Enforcement Officer  
Police Freeman, Christopher Corporal  
Police Golter, Mark Patrol Officer  
Police Gomez, Brandon Detective Sergeant ( )  
Police Hansen, Kurtis Patrol Officer  
Police Hubel, Drew Detective  
Police Jackson, Rick Sergeant  
Police Kauffman, Kris Police Assistant  
Police Lambert, John Patrol Officer  
Police Lehman, Jon Corporal  
Police Lehnert, Ryan Corporal  
Police McMasters, Travis Patrol Officer  
Police Nelson, Tony Lieutenant  
Police Pieschel, Cody Patrol Officer  
Police Reddington, Tyler Sergeant  
Police Roberts, Stuart Police Chief  
Police Studebaker, Michelle Patrol Officer  
Police Wolverton, Paul Sergeant  
Police Youncs, Roger Sergeant  
Police Zaugg, Lance Patrol Officer  
Public Works Baney, Gene Utility Worker 3 Streets
Public Works Brown, Jeff Public Works Superintendent  
Public Works Coleclesser, Chris Utility Worker 2 C&R
Public Works Cook, Lieden Utility Worker 1  
Public Works Currin, Casey Laboratory Tech. Mgr. Wastewater
Public Works Doherty, Jake Utility Worker 1 C&R
Public Works Haliewicz, Jutta Sr. Secretary  
Public Works Hathaway, Travis Utility Worker 2 Water
Public Works Hoehna, Klaus Regulatory Specialist Regulatory
Public Works Holmquist, Mark RRF Operator 1 Wastewater
Public Works Hyatt, Cliff Utility Worker 3 C&R
Public Works Johnston, John Utility Worker 1 Streets
Public Works Jones, Roy Mechanic  
Public Works Meisner, Gerald Utility Worker 1 Streets
Public Works Milne, Mark WWTP Superintendent Wastewater
Public Works Overstreet, Joe Utility Worker 1 Water
Public Works Patterson, Bob Public Works Director ( )  
Public Works Pedro, David Control System Manager Water
Public Works Peterson, Zack RRF Operator 1 Wastewater
Public Works Pickard, Brian Utility Worker 2 Water
Public Works Porter, Kent Purchasing Agent  
Public Works Quinn, Steve Utility Worker 3 Water
Public Works Rave, Michael GIS Technician  
Public Works Roe, Scott Utility Worker 2 Water
Public Works Skaggs, Eric Utility Worker 1 Streets
Public Works Smith, Bobby Jr. Utility Worker 1 Water
Public Works Smith, Tim Water Superintendent Water
Public Works Stiers, Heidi RRF Operator 1 Wastewater
Public Works Van Dorn, Kevin Utility Worker 2 Streets/C&R
Public Works Walborn, Michael RRF Operator 1 Wastewater
Public Works Willman, Kyle WWTP Operator 1 Wastewater