Know your rights and responsibilities! Review the Oregon Renters’ Handbook by clicking on the icon.

Here are a few key sections for you to focus on:Oregon Renters Handbook

  • Definition of tenant responsibilities (p. 33)
  • Definition of “habitable” – landlord responsible for maintaining a habitable rental unit (p. 36)
  • What to do when landlords don’t keep up with repairs (p. 39)
  • What to do when landlords don’t provide essential services (p.43)
  • What to do in situations of extreme neglect and/or violation of laws by landlords (p. 47)
  • Tenant rights in an eviction case (p. 64)
  • The eviction process (p. 66)
  • Defending against eviction (p. 70)

Apartment Watch

The Pendleton Police Department sponsors monthly meetings of property owners to discuss and resolve challenging tenant issues. Please contact the Community Service Officer at 541-276-4125Image removed.Image removed. for information on how to be involved.

Community Action Program of East Central Oregon (CAPECO) and Renters

Need emergency help with rental payments? Visit CAPECO’s website for more information.

CAPECO also helps to promote self-sufficiency for families and individuals. Visit their Rental Assistance Self-Sufficiency page for more information. An important part of housing rehabilitation is learning how to take proper care of your surroundings. CAPECO’s self-sufficiency program provides workshops to support you on the path to greater responsibility and self-reliance.

Housing and Community Service Providers Resource Sheet

Click on the icon below to view a list of providers and their services.

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Umatilla County Rental Housing Association

The local chapter of the Oregon Rental Housing Association provides information and education to area property owners. By getting involved, you can stay up-to-date on changes in Landlord-Tenant laws and take advantage of educational resources to help you better manage your properties. Click here for more information.