Streets Division provides for cleaning and maintenance of about 70 miles of streets, cleaning of about 5 miles of county roads, and cleaning of about 17 miles of state highway located with city jurisdiction.  Division also cleans and maintains the city’s sanitary sewer collection system and storm drainage system.  In inclement weather, Division provides necessary services to keep the streets, public stairways, parking lots, bridges, and public sidewalks passable.  Division also pays the $185,000 annual electric bill for all costs associated for street light network.

City street network consists of:public works street

  • 61 miles of paved streets
  • 5 miles of oil mat roads
  • 3 miles of gravel roads, and
  • 1 mile of dirt roads.  

Operating budget for this Division is about $1,200,000 annually, with an average of $400,000 for capital outlay targeted to overlays and preservation of higher volume streets.
There are 4.5 full-time employees and 1 part-time employee equivalent providing these services.