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The Solarize Pendleton program aims to help the residents of Pendleton, OR overcome the logistical and financial obstacles of going solar.

Solarize Pendleton has helped over 100 of your neighbors install solar systems on their homes. Together, they have created a capacity of over 300 kW.Solarize buckin logo

We envision Pendleton as a vibrant solar community that serves as a living example of the opportunities available to rural communities.

Through Solarize Pendleton, we provide you with the educational and financial resources you need to assist before, during, and after you go solar.

With our no-interest loan program combined with federal and state tax incentives, Solarize Pendleton can help you cover up to 80% of the cost of a solar installation. And after the installation, you’ll begin to notice huge savings on your energy bill.

So, if you want to save money on your utility bills, decrease your environmental footprint, or protect yourself from rising energy prices, we can help you get some solar in your life!

Right now, the market is hot for solar water heating! We offer loans of up to $4500 for installing solar water heating systems. Check out this brochure from Energy Trust.

Solarize Pendleton is spearheaded by the City of Pendleton in collaboration with Solar Oregon and the Energy Trust of Oregon.

Contact: Jutta Haliewicz 541.966.0240

Here's how the program works:

  1. Get your free solar site assessment from your choice of Energy Trust Certified solar contractors. You’ll learn how big a system you can Solarize Houseget and the cost of different options
  2. Schedule a free Home Energy Review with Energy Trust. Installing solar will only save you money if your house isn't leaky! We want you to know the facts by getting an audit BEFORE you decide on solar. Call 888-354-2603 and ask to schedule an in-home energy review.
  3. Submit an application for a City of Pendleton interest-free solar loan(see below)
  4. Decide, based on site assessment and loan eligibility, whether or not to commit to solar.
  5. Sign your contract with the chosen contractor. The contractor will coordinate permits, equipment purchases, the installation schedule, and inspections.
  6. Your system is installed!
  7. Get appropriate signatures and the paperwork for the State and Federal Tax Credits.
  8. Start enjoying your new solar energy!

You can download the Solarize Pendleton Loan Applications here:

  • Residential Solar Electric  2019
  • Residential Solar Thermal 2019
  • Commercial Solar Electric 2019

Or stop by the Public Works Department located on the second floor of City Hall to pick up a hard copy.

External Links

Solar Calculator - How much will it cost?? Calculate the potential savings of your solar system by downloading the Solarize Pendleton Cosimg solar calculatort Calculator (click the icon). You can also visit Energy Trust's online cost calculator.

Energy Trust of Oregon - Delivering Energy Solutions for Oregon

Solar Oregon - Connecting you to solar information and resources

Oregon Department of Energy - ODOE's Solar homepage

Solar Production Information

Solar Power


Please help yourself to the information on current solar production in our community.

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