public worksThe Public Works Department provides administrative, engineering, construction, repair, operation, and maintenance services for water distribution, water treatment, storm water drainage, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment, streets, and other related city projects.  Department addresses the never ending effort of using sustainable solutions to bring our community the highest possible quality of life within the framework of environmental, social, and economic responsibility.  Public Works employees contribute to the daily lives of our citizens through planning, building, managing, and operating the heart of our local community and maintaining our quality of life.  For these efforts, City of Pendleton is recognized as an innovator creating a lasting impression with our citizens and other communities around the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon Law requires that anyone digging in private property or any public right-of-way call the One-Call Center prior to digging.  Everyone, contractor and homeowner alike, must call two business days prior to digging.  After the call is received, the One-Call Center will notify all affected operators.  The operators then have two business days to locate and accurately mark their underground facilities using color-coded paint.

To request locates for proposed excavation, you can reach the One-Call Center by dialing 811.


After Hour Contact Information

For street, sewer and water service issues after hours please phone the dispatch call center at 541-966-3651