Get a jump start on business success

Here’s how Pendleton’s Jump Start program can help your business’s bottom line

Pendleton’s Jump Start program provides assistance to businesses that wish to locate or expand in downtown Pendleton. The program provides several business support services, plus low-cost loans to jump-start a business. We also provide loans to building owners who want to renovate commercial spaces.

More than money

The Jump Start program has many benefits including assisting you with the development of your business plan. Many small businesses begin with a great idea. But turning that great idea into a thriving business is hard, thoughtful work. A smart business plan can make the difference between the success or failure of your business. Our partner, the Small Business Development Center at Blue Mountain Community College, will provide you with free consultation to get that business plan on its way.

In fact, you must have a business plan to apply for our low interest loans. Many banks also require a business plan before they will loan you the money for your business. You can apply for the Jump Start program’s benefits without applying for a loan.

Loan Structure
Amortization Interest Rate
7 Years 7%
6 Years 6%
5 years 5%
4 Years 4%
3 Years 3%
2 Years 2%
1 Year 1%

More Jump Start benefits

As a business person, you may take advantage of any of these benefits.

  • Low interest loan to support the purchase of business equipment (such as racks, shelves, cash register, printer, computer, etc.) , renovation of the building interior or working capital for start-up expenses such as utilities, rent, etc.
  • If you take out a loan then we provide a $1,000 bonus grant for each fulltime employee job (not including business owners) generated as result of the new or expanding business, payable after one year of operation. It will be applied to the reduction of your loan balance first, then paid to you in a check.
  • Free consultation with a professional from the Small Business Development Center at Blue Mountain Community College
  • Reduced pricing and easy access to training and a mentor or business consultant (i.e.: Quick Books, website optimization, customer service, window display techniques) through the Small Business Development Center
  • 75% savings on business license fee for the current year.
  • Free Mystery Shopper service- find out where you can improve and where you are best.
  • Take advantage of reduced pricing for your first year of Chamber membership to receive three free months of internet service from Wtechlink

New and expanding businesses qualify

We want to help your business, whether new or expanding. New, of course, is new. Maybe you’ve never been in business before and you’re just starting a business or maybe you’re bringing an existing business from another community. Those are new businesses. Expanding businesses satisfy one of these qualifications:

  • Has been officially licensed and operating for at least one year.
  • Is opening an additional location in downtown Pendleton.
  • Is increasing square footage used for a business purpose in downtown Pendleton.

Pendleton Urban Renewal District MapJust where is the urban renewal district?

The Pendleton Urban Renewal district covers more than downtown’s Main Street district. As the map below shows, it covers a large section of the city between the Umatilla River and the railroad and between the east and west ends of town. Your business or building can qualify for the Jump Start program if it is anywhere in the district.

Download map as a PDF

How do I apply for Jump Start?

If you think you might be interested in Jump Start benefits, go ahead and apply. We will assign a Jump Start mentor to contact you. Your mentor will review the program in detail and ensure that you’re a good fit for Jump Start benefits. You’ll be guided through every step of the process to make it as easy as possible for you to access Jump Start benefits.

To apply for the Jump Start program benefits please use the downloadable application on this page. For more information contact 541-966-0233.

Jump Start Program FAQ’s

What is the Jump Start Program?

Jump Start is one of many programs available through the Pendleton Development Commission to support the vitality of downtown Pendleton. The program offers benefits including low-interest loans for business and property owners located within the area of historical significance in downtown Pendleton. That is the area from the 1500 block of SW Court/Dorion to the 1100 Block of SE Court/Dorion Avenues and between SE 6th to SW 6th from the Umatilla River to the railroad tracks

How do I apply?

Call 541-966-0233 or download the application form (PDF)

How much money can I get?

Maximum loan amounts are determined by a number of factors, including square footage of occupied space and credit application. The maximum loan amount for a business owner is $40,000. The maximum loan amount for a property owner is $60,000.

What is the turn-around time from application to getting the money?

The committee meets one time per month. Once a completed application packet is submitted, a decision will be communicated within 30 days and loan proceeds will be available within 3 weeks from the time the decision is made.

How do I find out more information?

Call 541-966-0233