Big Building Plute
Another example of the success of the façade restoration
program in downtown Pendleton, a program that enables
building owners to return the downtown’s historical buildings
to their architectural origins.

Financial help to improve your property’s value

You can fix up your commercial building with the help of financial grants from the Pendleton Development Commission (PDC).

That’s right, grants, meaning you don’t have to repay the financial support you’ve received.

Here’s how it works.

If you have a building within the Pendleton Urban Renewal District, which includes over 60 blocks in central Pendleton, then you may be eligible for a Façade Restoration grant.  The grant allows you to upgrade the exterior of your building. Depending on the level of your improvements a substantial portion may be paid by a PDC grant.

Since 2006, the PDC has granted over $1.8 million to building owners for façade restoration. The extent of the restoration is up to you.  All façade restorations must include structural changes to qualify for a grant. Once that requirement is satisfied, the grant can also include painting, new or restored windows, awnings, new or restored signs, brick repointing, removal of non-historic additions and repair of other historic features.

Grants of up to 40% of the total project amount are awarded for projects when commercial properties are located between SE 6th St and SW 6th St between the Umatilla River and the railroad tracks. Grants of up to 25% are awarded when properties are located along SW Court Ave. or SW Dorion Ave. from SW 6th St. to SW 10th St. or from SE 6th St. to SE 11th St.

If the building is a significant historical property, then the original character of the building will be restored. If the building is contemporary, then a complementary façade compatible with other buildings in the district will be considered for funding.

Interior Improvements

The PDC’s Jump Start program provides low-cost loans to building owners so they can improve their building’s interior to make it more commercial viable. Buildings must be located in the Urban Renewal District. There is a maximum of $60,000 per project. For more details visit our Jump-Start page. In addition, the city has a grant program for improving the upper stories of historical buildings, up to $200,000, located between SE 6th St and SW 6th St (boundaries vary).


Any new or expanding business, or the owners of remodeled buildings, located in the areas described above may submit their receipts for permits (electrical, plumbing, etc.) up to 60 days after they have opened their business or received approval of upgrade work to allow occupancy. The Pendleton Development Commission will reimburse the business or building owner in full for the cost of the permits up to $2,000 per project.  These reimbursements can be obtained with or without participation in any other urban renewal program.

To qualify the business must meet codes to occupy the space and must be a new or expanded business, or a building owner significantly remodeling a building. 


The Pendleton Development Commission will pay a property owner who needs to demolish a failed building within the urban renewal district by reimbursing the property owner for the demolition cost. The reimbursement agreement will require new construction within 18 months of the demolition. For details on this program visit our Demolition page.

To obtain details and applications for any of these programs visit our Business page or call 541-966-0233.

Fresh Start

The Fresh Start program provides a financial incentive to build commercial structures within the Pendleton Urban Renewal District.  It is intended to provide business people with an incentive to build in Pendleton, providing a boost to the city’s economic development.

Who Is Eligible?

Anyone with plans to build a commercial building within the established urban renewal district is eligible.  You do not have to be a Pendleton resident.

How much support is available?

Grants are offered up to 10% of a project’s cost for design and construction, up to $100,000. It does not include the cost of acquiring the property. For more details on the Fresh Start program, download the Fresh Start application packet. (PDF)

Below are some of the notable facade restoration projects in Pendleton.

Application & Selection Process

To apply for a façade restoration grant, the building/business owner within the City of Pendleton’s Urban Renewal District can use the application form contained in the downloadable file below. Instructions and guidelines are included with the form.