In Pendleton, we’re proud of our residents’ community spirit and willingness to lend a helping hand to neighbors. Through the programs listed below, we encourage community involvement and aim to ensure our neighborhoods stay clean and inviting. Check out what we have to offer!

Block Parties – Want to enjoy the outdoors and celebrate with your neighbors? It’s easy to get your street approved for block party road-blocks! Simply download and fill out this form, and return to the City Administration office. Street closures must be approved by City Council so be sure to submit your application at least 4 weeks before the date of your party. Contact City Administration at 541-966-0201Image removed.Image removed. with questions.

Downtown Flower Baskets – Several years ago, the City sponsored the installation of hanging flower baskets along Main Street. Now maintained by the Pendleton Downtown Association, the flowers decorate Main Street through the Spring, Summer, and Fall. We are so fortunate to have a beautiful and well-cared-for downtown!

flowers and great pacific

Fall Leaf Removal – Each fall, the City partners with Pendleton Sanitary Service to offer you the chance to dispose of fall leaves for FREE! Keep an eye out in late October – November for a coupon from Pendleton Sanitary Service announcing free drop-off times. In the past, we have offered a month of free Saturdays. (Just leaves please, you will be charged for other yard waste.)

Restore Pendleton – In 2013, the City created the Restore Pendleton Program to help with housing rehabilitation and neighborhood revitalization. 

Pendleton Housing Project

neighborhoodsPendleton Solutions

Pendleton is experiencing a shortage of workforce housing. Unlike other areas of the state and country that have a flood of properties available, Pendleton has a low vacancy rate with many employees traveling great distances to work in the community. Businesses have the potential to expand their operations but lack access to a stable workforce due to the proximity of available housing. The commute is a costly burden for employees and decreases their available income. In addition to mid-income housing, there is also a need for the development of land to provide new houses for a higher income population.

Oregon Solutions became involved in this project as a pilot project to determine if the Oregon Solutions model could be institutionalized at the city level, i.e. “City Solutions”.  Oregon Solutions provided staff support to initiate the City Solutions Governance System, and to engage a group of local leaders in a community project that supported local objectives.


Short term goal: increase supply of multifamily dwellings on Tutuilla Road
Mid-term goal: increase supply of single-family homes
Consider the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) and determine if there is a need to expand outward or to reallocate lands already inside the UGB


Several developers have expressed interest in the Tutuilla property.  A developer's proposal was approved by City Council on 5/2/2011; a preliminary site plan was approved by the Planning Commission on 6/2/2011.
Discussions with landowners regarding willingness to sell property for development of single-family homes.

Pendleton Solutions Declaration of Cooperation - (Interagency Agreement)

Pendleton Housing Study Final Report - November 8, 2016.

Pendleton workforce commuting data - From the U.S. Census. More information on this project can be found on the Oregon Solutions web site here:

Housing Committee 

Pendleton has a shortage of high quality housing. The median age of homes is 52 years, and decades of deferred maintenance have led to the deterioration of structures. In addition to structure quality, the aesthetics of many properties have become an issue as residents accumulate debris and fail to maintain yards.

We understand that in the current economic climate, it can be difficult to find support and funding for housing rehabilitation efforts. That’s why we’ve developed the Housing Committee.

Created in 2013 as "Restore Pendleton", the Housing Committee was expanded by Ordinance No. 3900 in 2016 as a housing rehabilitation and neighborhood revitalization campaign that connects residents to useful housing resources as a means to improve the appearance and livability of homes, as well as addressing the housing shortage and programs to promote anti-blight programs.

We encourage you to explore our program offerings listed below based on your needs. There’s something for everyone! Also keep in mind that this program is relatively new and evolving, so the offerings may change and increase with time, so keep an eye out for future improvements!

Restore Pendleton - Renters and Owners

oregon renters handbookKnow your rights and responsibilities! Review the Oregon Renters’ Handbook by clicking on the icon.

Here are a few key sections for you to focus on:

  • Definition of tenant responsibilities (p. 33)
  • Definition of “habitable” – landlord responsible for maintaining a habitable rental unit (p. 36)
  • What to do when landlords don’t keep up with repairs (p. 39)
  • What to do when landlords don’t provide essential services (p.43)
  • What to do in situations of extreme neglect and/or violation of laws by landlords (p. 47)
  • Tenant rights in an eviction case (p. 64)
  • The eviction process (p. 66)
  • Defending against eviction (p. 70)

Apartment Watch

The Pendleton Police Department sponsors monthly meetings of property owners to discuss and resolve challenging tenant issues. Please contact the Community Service Officer at 541-276-4125Image removed.Image removed. for information on how to be involved.

Community Action Program of East Central Oregon (CAPECO) and Renters

Need emergency help with rental payments? Visit CAPECO’s website for more information.

CAPECO also helps to promote self-sufficiency for families and individuals. Visit their Rental Assistance Self-Sufficiency page for more information. An important part of housing rehabilitation is learning how to take proper care of your surroundings. CAPECO’s self-sufficiency program provides workshops to support you on the path to greater responsibility and self-reliance.

Housing and Community Service Providers Resource Sheet

Click on the icon below to view a list of providers and their services.

housing community

Umatilla County Rental Housing Association

The local chapter of the Oregon Rental Housing Association provides information and education to area property owners. By getting involved, you can stay up-to-date on changes in Landlord-Tenant laws and take advantage of educational resources to help you better manage your properties. Click here for more information.

Senior Housing Facilities

Ashley Manor 1514 SW Athens Ave. (541) 278-6776Image removed.Image removed.
Birch Creek Adult Foster Home 41751 Birch Creek Rd. (541) 276-3599Image removed.Image removed.
Elizabethan Manor 44882 Mission Rd. (541) 276-7157Image removed.Image removed.
Horizon Project 223 SW Court Ave. (541) 278-4544Image removed.Image removed.
Juniper House 301 SW 28th Dr. (541) 278-0666Image removed.Image removed.
McKay Creek Estates 1601 Southgate Pl. (541) 278-4787Image removed.Image removed.
Oregon Trail Manor 2430 SW Perkins Ave. (541) 276-6910Image removed.Image removed.
Pendleton Regional Respite Center 4708 NW Pioneer Pl. (541) 276-0366Image removed.Image removed.
Rise 1006 SW Nye Ave. (541) 278-7929Image removed.Image removed.
Senior Corps 721 SE 3rd St. Ste D (541) 278-5669Image removed.Image removed.
Suttle Care & Retirement Inc. 1601 SW 24th St. (541) 278-0174Image removed.Image removed.
Sun Ridge Retirement 3234 SW Nye Ave. (541) 276-2143Image removed.Image removed.
Willowbrook Terrace 707 SW 37th St. (541) 276-3374Image removed.Image removed.