Ambulance Billing

If you have questions concerning your bill for ambulance services please contact or Ambulance Billing Office at 541-276-1442.

As of November 2012 FIRE-MED is now managed by the Life Flight Network with increased benefits and packages. Basic Pendleton FireMed is an ambulance membership program available to families for $60 per year. PFD Ambulance service will accept any insurance payment as payment in full for ambulance charges and members will not have to pay any balance. Our staff markets and sells more than 1500 FireMed memberships annually to supplement Ambulance income and offer a beneficial service to customers.In addition you can purchase Pendleton FireMed Plus at $125 per year which provides the basic ambulance service plus Life Flight Network emergency air medical transport in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.  Click here to access the membership application form, or to find additional information.ambulance fleet

Advanced Life Support Ambulance Services

Pendleton Fire & Ambulance provides Advanced Life Support Ambulance (ALS) services to the citizens of Pendleton and surrounding areas. This service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The department operates two ALS ambulances staffed with Paramedics every day of the year as part of our commitment to service. There are two ALS ambulances kept in reserve giving the City four licensed ALS ambulances.

Our Paramedics and EMT crews undergo extensive training and education to serve the community and surrounding area. The department currently has 19 full time career firefighter paramedics. Supplementing the career staff are one reserve firefighter/paramedic and two firefighter/EMTs.

Our ambulances are housed at two of the City's fire stations. Station 1 on Court street houses two ambulances and Station 2 on Southgate houses two more ambulances.

Pendleton Fire & Ambulance provides 24 hour ALS service to the communities of Pendleton, Rieth, Pilot Rock, Riverside, and Ukiah. Our ambulance service area covers approximately 1800 square miles including wilderness areas.