This department is responsible for the maintenance, repair and development of all City facilities and their supporting infrastructure.  Maintenance activities include daily custodial services, preventative maintenance, energy management, renovation, and repair of City-owned buildings, as well as some construction.

Other functions of this department include:

Aquatic Center

Providing maintenance of the aquatic center and wading pool, including winterization, spring preparation, circulation, filtration and disinfection systems, boilers and heaters, concrete and joint repairs, and pool coatings. For more information about the pool, visit the Aquatic Center page on our Parks and Rec website. (external link)

Facility Rental Coordination

Prepare and coordinate for special events at certain facilities, such as the Vert Auditorium, including set up, seating arrangements, deploying acoustical panels, or making arrangements for lighting or other electrical needs. For more information about renting City facilities, visit the Facility Rental page on our Parks and Rec website. (external link)

Information Technology (IT)

Coordinates with outside contractors to insure the City is receiving appropriate computer and technology services.  This includes: managing the City owned wireless network; utilization of the City’s fiber optic connectivity; planning, developing, and maintenance of city telephone systems; and managing the network of cameras at various locations in the City.


This department is responsible to monitor and adjust mechanical, electrical, heating and ventilation (HVAC) systems, plumbing, computer, elevator and alarm systems on a regular basis, as well as plan for future needs.

ADA Accessibility

The Facilities Department helps to assure that all City buildings meet the federal standards for accessibility to persons of all abilities. For more information about the City’s accessibility policies, view our non-discrimination policy.