Choose a Home with Efficiency Built In

Are you planning on building or buying a home in the next 18 months? Contact an Energy Trade Ally here and discover how to maximize your home's energy efficiency, saving you money and create a more comfortable home.

In early 2016, we will be showcasing how builders, contractors, and home owners can maximize new home buildings. Dates for these will be posted as soon as available.

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Let EPS be your guide

EPS Score

EPSTM, brought to you by Energy Trust of Oregon, is an energy performance score that rates the efficiency of a home and measures it against similar-sized homes in Oregon. With EPS, the lower the score the more efficient the home. The score can range from zero to over 200, with zero being net-zero.

To see how EPS works, take a look at our sample EPS sheet.


What is EPS?

EPS is an energy performance score that helps you assess a home's energy consumption, energy costs and carbon footprint.

How does a home receive an EPS?

To determine a newly built home's EPS, a third-party verifier analyzes the home's features and construction techniques and tests performance factors such as air leakage and duct tightness. EPS is a voluntary rating that builders request before construction.

If you recently bought a newly built home that did not receive an EPS, click here to learn more how you can get an EPS for your home. If you're buying a home, use the Smart Homebuyer Checklist to understand your home's energy performance.

Build Solar Ready

A few simple steps during the design phase can prepare your home for a most effective solar electric installation when you're ready to go solar. Learn more about our local solar incentive program, Solarize Pendletonhere.

Local Participation:

EPS Score shows Pendleton home's efficiency, East Oregonian - August 12, 2015