Engineering Department


For Sewer Tap, Driveway/Sidewalk Inspections: (541) 966-0203

Pendleton's Engineering Department works on numerous projects designed to improve Pendleton's infrastructure. Our Engineering Department reviews the on-site drainage for new/remodel development, public sidewalk/driveway construction, public road construction, sewer and water connection/size for development, and operates as the survey crew for City property.

Permits can be obtained under AtoZ tab- P for Permits

Any work in the City right-of-way requires inspections with a timely request.  Two inspections are performed on these permits: Street Excavation, Sidewalk and Driveway.  The first inspection is either the gravel or cold patch, or sidewalk/driveway forms.  The second inspection is the asphalt patch or finish sidewalk/driveway.  Street Excavation requires a "patching date" for the annual re-inspection of the asphalt patch.  Sewer Tap permits may incorporate a Street Excavation permit depending upon the location of the public sewer line.


Permit Process: An Engineering Application is submitted along with civil designs for the project. A deposit is made. Our Engineering Department reviews and makes comments upon submitted design. A final corrected civil design is submitted, stamped, and issued with Building Permit. Expenses related to the review, inspection, etc. are taken from the deposit. Any charges above and beyond this deposit will be billed to the customer. Our Finance Department accepts cash, money order, check, or in-person card payment.

Engineering Staff


Tim Simons
City Engineer and City Surveyor

  Wayne Green
Associate City Engineer / Airport Engineer
  Mike Wagner
Senior Engineering Tech
  Lauren Juzeler
Engineering Technician 2