Building Department

For An Inspection

Call (541) 966-0205  Fax: (541) 966-0251 or email: (subject: Inspection%20Request)

Our inspectors leave at 9am for morning inspections and 1pm for afternoon inspections.  To meet with an inspector at our counter, please call and make an appointment.

A Business License is required to operate a business inside the city limits of Pendleton, so Contractors please verify your business license as we are not able to perform the first inspection unless the contractor has a current business license.

If you have any general questions regarding building codes or permits under review, please contact our building official or inspector.

Building Permit Submission

Permits can be obtained through the AtoZ tab, P for Permits.

Please submit your drawings, site plan and truss designs in digital format, professional or otherwise. Plan Review Fee is required upon submission of plans. You may call us for estimated fees. Building fees do not incorporate fees for other departments or permits. Our office reviews plans on a first come, first serve basis.


Building code reference, or to purchase an E-permit for plumbing, electrical and mechanical work:

Structural permits require digital submission either submitted at our office or through E-Permitting.  Please include the site plan and truss designs.

Permit Process

Pendleton is a member of the E-Permitting system.  If you are a licensed contractor, please log into E-Permitting and create your application.  Pendleton utilizes the digital review system, so plans should be submitted digitally either through our front counter clerk or E-Permitting. If you are not a licensed contractor, please complete a hardcopy of the Building Permit Application and submit your plans on a flashdrive.  Plans are reviewed by our Zoning clerk, Building Plan Reviewer, Engineering, and Public Works (if necessary).   Once each department has performed their reviews and all concerns are addressed, the plans are stamped and signed. Our office will either call or invoice through the E-Permitting system. Construction can begin after the permit is issued. Our Finance Department accepts cash, money order, check, in-person card payment, or payment online through Accela.

E-Permitting Need Help: 503-373-7396

Building Staff


Building Official

Ty Woolsey
(541) 966-0267