A photo of the City of Pendleton in the spring.
City of Pendleton in the Spring, overlooking the northeast hill.












Pendleton Community Development includes the planning, engineering and building functions.

Request for Public Records Form

Pre-Design Meetings

The Community Development Department offers a no cost Pre-Design Meeting. Call (541) 966-0204 to acquire the Pre Design Questionnaire. Bring in two sets of concept drawings and the key people of your project. You will meet with the Planning, Building, Engineering, and Fire supervisors.

Building Department

For An Inspection

Call (541) 966-0205  Fax: (541) 966-0251 or email: Inspectionsatci.pendleton.or.us (subject: Inspection%20Request)

Our inspectors leave at 9am for morning inspections and 1pm for afternoon inspections.  To meet with an inspector at our counter, please call and make an appointment.

Building Permit Submission

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Building provides administration of structural construction and upholds the safety codes adopted by the City, including the Uniform Building Code, One and Two Family Dwelling Code, Mechanical Code, Housing Code and Dangerous Building Code. Building inspects projects involving new construction, additions, alterations/remodels and demolitions of all types of buildings including the placement of manufactured homes.


Engineering Department


For Sewer Tap, Driveway/Sidewalk Inspections: (541) 966-0203

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Engineering provides administration of development or activities within public infrastructure.  The reviewing of plans, issuing permits, and inspecting activities of the general public doing work in the public right-of-way are the main duties in Engineering.  Engineering also inspects site grading, sidewalk construction, parking lots, and drainage. Engineering assists Planning and reviews, approves, and maintains plats, surveys, and utility records.

Planning Department - Zoning Ordinance

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Planning/Zoning provides administration of the city's state-mandated comprehensive planning program. This involves public interaction with code changes and enforcement of the comprehensive plan and development ordinances.

McKay Creek Conditional Use:


Staff Report - available

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