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Pendleton Urban Renewal District MapOur downtown urban renewal program provides financial and consulting support, whether you’re starting a business, expanding your business or getting a building ready for business. Downtown includes a wide swath of Pendleton running along the Umatilla River.  Businesses locating or already located within the downtown urban renewal area are eligible to apply for help.

Check out these five programs to help your business in the Pendleton Urban Renewal District. Keep in mind that you might be able to use multiple programs to get maximum financial support for your project. Click on any of the programs for more details.

before and after facade restorationJump-Start

The Jump-Start program provides many benefits including free business consulting and low-cost loans beginning as low as 1%.  Benefits are available for both building owners and new or existing business owners/operators.

Façade Restoration

If you own a building or plan to buy one for your business, the Façade Restoration program could provide you with grants—that’s right, no repayment necessary.  Grants in this program can be used to restore or upgrade the exterior of your building.  Projects can be as simple as a paint job or complex as a complete façade renovation.

Fresh Start

The Fresh Start program provides a financial incentive to build commercial structures within the Pendleton Urban Renewal District.  It is intended to provide business people with an incentive to build in Pendleton, providing a boost to the city’s economic development.


Let’s say you buy a failing building that’s not restorable.  You just want to demolish and re-build.  We’ve got financial help for your demolition project.

Upper Story and Elevator Programs

Do you own a building in Pendleton’s downtown urban renewal district but can’t fully utilize the upper floors? Grants are available for second story renovation.

Permit Fee Reimbursement

You may be reimbursed for the cost of permits needed to remodel or redevelop a building in the urban renewal area for a business use.  City permit fees for your project will be reimbursed up to 100% when your project is completed, up to $2,000.

Urban Renewal Program
City of Pendleton
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