Afterschool Program Families,

We are getting into the winter months here in Eastern Oregon, where the weather is unpredictable. I wanted to remind you of our inclement weather policy regarding our Afterschool Program (ASP).

We will do our very best to keep our afterschool programs as scheduled. There are a few reasons we would cancel our ASP Program:

  • If Pendleton School District (PSD) cancels a school day there will be no ASP
  • If the City Manager closes City Hall there will be no ASP

Please note that if PSD has a late start, we will plan on having our Afterschool Program as school gets out at normal times.

Ways you can find out important information regarding ASP closures:

  • We will send out an email to all ASP families as soon as there is any kind of change
  • We will always post important updates on our Facebook page
  • You can always call our main office at 541-276-8100


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.



Jon Bullard, Recreation Supervisor, 541-699-0228


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