Information Needed

The City of Pendleton is hoping to log names and hours of volunteers who provided assistance during the recent flooding on McKay Creek.

If you, your friends, a group or organization provided assistance during the flooding along McKay Creek in any manner, for example at the sandbag station, building sandbag walls, making meals, watching small children, cleaning up or cleaning out debris we would like to recognize your efforts.

Providing your name (or names if you belong to a group etc.) and hours will be documentation for the City,  who will be filing a request for assistance for the City of Pendleton. 

We are asking that you list 1. Name(s) 2. Estimated hours worked and send them to; via email, in the subject line please note: FLOOD VOLUNTEER 

The City of Pendleton is very appreciative to all of the many volunteers who stepped up, stepped in and helped their neighbors.  THANK YOU, Thank you very much. 

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