HIGHWAY 11:  NOW OPEN   One lane going in each direction on Highway 11 is open for travel..  We do encourage you to use caution as there is water in the area.

BEDFORD BRIDGE: CLOSED   Will remain closed until the water levels lower and staff are able to see below the current water level to assess the structure fully.

WATER CONCERNS: SAFE  Your drinking water remains safe to drink.  It may appear murky and have an odor, this is normal in flood situations.  Your water is safe, to drink and to bathe in. The situation may last up to 48 hours.

McKAY RESERVOIR: SAFE  The dam is at 46% capacity and has plenty of room to catch any precipitation or runoff.

VOLUNTEERS: THANK YOU for the outreach and inquiring about volunteering to assist.  At this time we are asking you DO NOT GO INTO THE AREA as we assess the situation and the damages. We are asking you to keep the roadways clear so that official vehicles have access to navigate and homeowners have the opportunity to access their homes.   Everyone greatly appreciates the outpour and we will make you aware when volunteer services are needed.

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