McKay Dam

The City of Pendleton has been working closely with the Bureau of Reclamation over the past several months.

With the rains taking place in the area, we'd like to provide an update regarding the information shared this morning.

Storage at McKay Dam is at 65,400-acre-feet full (Capacity is 71,534) making it 91% full at this time.

Inflow is at 117 cubic feet per second, rising

The outflow is currently at 400 cubic feet per second, with an increase to 600 CFS taking place starting at noon.

Releases will be held at 600 CFS as today's storm even is monitored and is expected to depart the area later this afternoon.

The Bureau of Reclamation is coordinating with the National Weather Service personnel.  Hydraulic conditions will be continually be evaluated.

The Reclamation Hydromet site reports the percent storage to normal storage capacity for McKay Reservoir, which is 65,534 acre-feet, or 100% today. This graphic does not include the additional 6,000 acre-feet of storage reserved for retaining and regulating flood inflows.


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