Thank You

The City of Pendleton would like to say thank you to over 350 volunteers who put in a conservative accounting of over 2,000 hours in helping one another during the recent McKay Flood.

Before the creek breached the banks, people were pulling together to help one another prepare for what was to come.  No one had any idea what that would be, and in a time where we simply needed to step up and help one another, that is exactly what the citizens of this community did.  

There was much work to be done. Age knew no limits as those who showed up, from grade schoolers helping to hold open bags to older folks driving pickups loaded with sandbags for delivery. It was "all in" as people stepped in and stepped up to assist in sandbag filling, loading, delivery, and placement, removing debris, providing meals, helping with repairs, childcare and anything else which needed to happen to ease the burden of one another.  The reports were many and the gratitude overwhelming from those who were helped.   

The City of Pendleton wishes to say Thank You to everyone from the boots on the ground, to those who were behind the scenes working to help others in our community.  We are so proud to call Pendleton our home, because of people like all of you.

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