Due to several factors, The City of Pendleton is recommending that residents leave their sandbags in place for at least another week. 
Heavy rains over the weekend and predicted weather patterns next week are one of the reasons we have made this recommendation. The City of Pendleton is also concerned with stream flow capabilities due to the formation of gravel bars and bank erosion. At this point, we are not sure how much flow the creek can handle.

Again the City recommends that you leave the sandbags in place for now. You are welcome to keep your sandbags when this is over or return them to the sandbag station. The City is organizing a volunteer day to help with sandbag removal when we are confident the flows are going to stay low.

All forecasts are favorable at this point and no increase in flow is anticipated the City is simply being cautious.

The City is looking to have a time set aside to help citizens remove sandbags, we make a public announcement when the date and time are established.

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