The Pendleton Development Commission, in a special meeting on April 14, unanimously approved $100,000 in funding for an emergency grant program to small businesses in the city’s urban renewal district. Eligible small businesses may qualify for a one-time $2,000 grant.


According to PDC chairman Paul Chalmers, “Today, we find ourselves at a different crossroads -- one where the PDC must put the future aside for the moment and focus on preservation -- not in the historical sense, but in terms of preserving the solvency of those within our business community.”


Businesses wishing to apply may pick up an application from a rack outside the door of the Pendleton Chamber of Commerce. The application period runs Fri. April 17 through Thurs., April 23.  All applicants will be qualified and drawn from a lottery-style drawing and notified by Friday, April 24.


Chalmers said that the urban renewal program, most often used to fund historic restorations and future-looking business development, must do its part to preserve the City’s existing small businesses.  “We’re calling it the Pendleton Retail and Hospitality Relief Program because that’s just what it is,” said Chalmers.  “We’ve worked so hard to build a strong, vibrant retail, dining and entertainment environment in downtown Pendleton. Now’s the time to assist its survival.”

To apply for this grant, you can download the application, print it, then fill it out and deliver it to the City with a W9, which you can also download here and fill out. Read the Guidelines before you fill out the application.

Guidelines for Urban Renewal Grant Funds is found HERE

Application for Urban Renewal Grant Funds is found HERE 

W-9 form to be filled out HERE


Or you can fill out the application here online and send it to us without needing to print it. If you choose that option be sure to click on the W9 link in the application. Fill out the W9, save it to your computer, then upload it to the application by clicking on the "Add File" button. Don't worry about the W9 signature.  We'll get that from you later.

Online application: Click Here

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