Pendleton Bronze Trail

Pendleton is home to a number of bronze statues many of which tell a part of the towns rich history.  A website guides the visitor to the location of each piece of art (  The site is optimized for mobile and tablet use.  Every page features a brief history of each statue that can be listened to or read and an interactive map of each statues location.  There are 22 works of art on the trail.  The website was made available by Travel Pendleton working with the Umatilla County Historical Society.

Recently a small plaque was attached at each site allowing the use of QR Code technology to provide an immediate link to the website.

The anchor of the tour is a statue of the legendary lawman Til Taylor.  Sheriff Taylor was shot while trying to prevent a jailbreak in 1920.  He was the president of the Roundup in 1912 and is shown in his cowboy attire mounted on horseback.  It was sculpted by A. Phimster Proctor in 1929 and stands 11 feet tall.

Originally it was surrounded by reflecting pools.  Today, one pool remains which is used by neighborhood children each summer.

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