Sunday, February 9, 2020, 3:30 pm

City of Pendleton Officials are heading to Salem tomorrow, Monday, February 10,  to provide documentation of the devastation in Eastern Oregon by hand.

We are being as proactive as humanly possible in getting people into housing and repairing the devastation to businesses so that peoples and their livelihoods are impacted for the shortest amount of time possible.

While officials head to Salem, our crews will be out cleaning up the devastation and office personnel will be working with partners to provide the best information possible to connect citizens to resources.   Our jobs are not over because the river is within its banks, we will continue to work to serve our community as best we can in this time of need.

As we have information in regard to rehabilitation efforts we will share them via our web page, media, and our Facebook page.

Our community and supporting those in it is our number one priority at this time.

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