No Camping Ordinance

Council approved certain portions of the proposed ordinance (view on City website) but took the “no camping” provision out.  This ordinance amendment would addresses language that has been determined to be unconstitutional, and proposed to replace it with language which restricted sleeping in public buildings/benches/park tables and had proposed a ban on camping on public property.  In testimony before the Council, many expressed concerns for the homeless and their need to reside somewhere.  The Council wants to engage with members of the public to see if there isn’t some compromise that may address this problem.

Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The Council voted to accept a grant from Pacific Power to install an electric vehicle charging station in the parking lot adjacent to the Chamber of Commerce.  This location should attract I84 travelers to downtown Pendleton, assisting local businesses.

County Tobacco Business License Recommendation

The Council voted 4-3 in favor of the County adopting an annual, countywide business license to raise money to increase enforcement on the sale of tobacco products to underage buyers.

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