Council Chambers

City Council

Reversionary Clause

Council approved the airport reversionary clause language as recommended by the Airport Commission.  This resolves a very controversial matter and I think it will benefit the airport long term.


New Judge

Monte Ludington was sworn in at the new Municipal Court Judge.  He starts July 1.


Pinkerton Land Option Sold

Council sold the option to purchase 60 acres of property from the Pinkerton family for just under $7,000.  We had obtained an option to buy the land for a period of time when we purchased our original 40 acres.  There was 6 years left on this option and staff did not anticipate we would need to exercise it.  This helps the Pinkerton family as they are wanting to sell the balance of their property.


UAS Range Economic Impact Study

Staff was able to get $55,000 in grant funds from a variety of sources to have a study done to show the current economic impact of the range and project the future impact.  This information will be used to garner additional financial support to expand.


Sidewalk Ordinance to Preserve Historic Names

The Historic Preservation Commission has requested Council amend our sidewalk ordinance to require historic names be preserved on our sidewalks.  An ordinance will be presented at the next Council meeting.

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