Council Chambers

Council Workshop October 9

Council received training on Roberts Rules of Order and reviewed their Council rules.  They asked for this training to help familiarize themselves with these document/policies.

Farm II Project

Council heard from Cam Preus, President at BMCC and Tim Smith, Pendleton Roundup Director, on the proposed Farm II project.  This project is a college owned facility that is being proposed to be built on the Roundup property.  The building will house the large animal program at the college and serve as the home of their college rodeo team.  The facility will also double as a community event center as it will include an indoor arena that will have an economic development benefit.  The proposal is that the city contribute property we own to support the construction in exchange for additional land around the convention center that will allow us to attract a hotel.  Roundup will give BMCC a long term, low cost lease and have use of the facility during Roundup.

Pavement Condition Report

Council heard from Public Works and engineering the results of the recently completed Pavement Condition Report.  The plan reports that if we keep funding at current levels the backlog of road maintenance will reach $38.6M by 2028.  Council goal is to achieve sustainable infrastructure.  They are focusing their discussions on road sustainability.


City Council Meeting October 2

Council agreed to purchase a new fire truck.  The funding for the vehicle came from the emergency equipment fund and the sale of a building.

Council approved an amendment to the City Ordinance which prohibited panhandling because it has been deemed to be unconstitutional.

Council awarded a bid to put a new roof on the B17 hanger at the airport.  This enormous hanger is just west of the main terminal building and has been vacant for decades.  It now is home to PAE/ISR who is assembling drones.  The funds came from a $300,000 grant from the State of Oregon.

Council went into executive session and then took no action on the proposed hotel lease at the airport.


Robb Corbett, City Manager

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