McKay Creek Channel Clean-Up

Saturday, February 8th

Permits are nearly secured to perform work in McKay Creek this season. The in-water work season is December 1st to March 31st. The final set of permits are expected early next week. Work areas have been staged for six sections of the creek. Once all the permits are in hand, work for the creek channel will begin. Umatilla County and City of Pendleton Public Works crews will be performing the work through the remainder of the in-water work window. Current work by Pendleton Public Works in the Riverside area will be taken over by Pendleton Parks.

The goal of the McKay Creek work is to restore the channel to previous flow configurations. The original creek channel used to hold up to 1,500 cubic feet per second (CFS) of flow within its banks. The flow through these six areas has been greatly reduced due to river cobble settling out during past McKay Creek Reservoir releases. Some of these six areas of work only allow 600 CFS of flow before water leaves the channel and causes flooding. An estimated 10,000 cubic yards, or 1,000 dump truckloads, of material, is expected to be removed. During this operation, the removed material will be placed west of the softball fields located at Community Park West.

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