3:00 pm, February 11, 2020


  • The City of Pendleton is asking everyone who has been impacted by the flood to take the time to do the County Assessment Questionnaire online.  You will find the Assessment on the County’s website, Click on the link reading “If you have been affected by the flood” to be redirected.   If you do not have access to the internet, you may phone City Hall 541-966-0201 and we will fill it out and submit it for you.


  • City Crews are out in full force today in the Riverside area to reach those who may not have been contacted previously due to being out of the area or were overlooked.  There are City workers going door to door to connect with people in the area to ask what the needs are.


  • Crews are working to clean up in the Riverside area, as it was hit the hardest, helping haul debris and household items destroyed in the flood.   If someone has been impacted by the flood and needs assistance with hauling items, or otherwise we are asking they call our Parks Department at 541-276-8100  This includes people outside of the Riverside area in the City of Pendleton.


  • A FREE WIFI Connection has been established in the Riverside area. 

             The Connection "BROADCASTING CITY of Pendleton to Riverside".


  • Anyone wishing to make a donation to help the flood victims is encouraged to make a donation to CAPECO, they will help to support those in the area who have been impacted;  721 SE 3rd Street Suite D, Pendleton or 541-276-1926


  • The Red Cross continues to support those who have been displaced at the Pendleton Convention Center~ This is for ANYONE who has been displaced and not just those in the Pendleton area.   People may also find, food, clothing, and supplies at the Convention Center.


  • The City Public Works Department is on standby and ready to begin working on McKay Creek as soon as they receive the final permit. 


  • The Salvation Army is offering cleaning supplies and may be reached at 541-276-3369


  • CAPECO is available to help assist people with services they should contact the office at 541-276-1926
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