Goats are back

The goats have been delivered to the west end of the Pendleton Levee. 

They were split into bands, working both sides of the river and headed upstream.  They are in the proximity of both sides of Bedford Bridge at this time.

Folks are welcome to view the goats.  We ask folks to use extra caution in walking their dogs in the vicinity of the goats – their pets need to be leashed – as the goats are protected by a guard dog(s) within the electric fence pens.  The electric fences are also signed and typically off during the day when folks are walking the levee.

If there are issues with the goats, like getting out of the pen area, or a mass escape, city staff can be reached at 541.276.3078 or 541.966.0202 during work hours. 

If after work hours or on weekends, please contact dispatch 541.966.3651

Release Date