Council members sworn in by Mayor

At the City Council meeting last night outgoing City Council members Neil Brown and Chuck LeValle were recognized for their service to the City.  

Mayor Turner presented plaques to Councilor Brown, who served for eight years from January, 2011 to December, 2018 and served multiple terms as the Council President; and to Councilor LeValle, who was appointed in March, 2018 to fill the vacancy on the Council left by the death of long-time Council member John Brenne, who passed away suddenly in January.  Councilor LeValle joked that he was appointed to fill the seat of the longest serving City Council member (Councilor Brenne was in his 40th year on the City Council) and that he may hold the opposite record of being the Councilor serving the shortest term.

Councilors LeValle and Brown presented plaques by the Mayor

Immediately afterward, the Mayor swore in the Council members elected in 2018.  This included the re-election of Council members McKennon McDonald and Jake Cambier as well as the newly-elected Councilors Linda Neuman and Carole Innes.

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