Water faucet

Water supply work came to a standstill Tuesday afternoon at Well 2 located in Roy Raley Park.  33 column pipe and shaft have been removed from the well hole.  Two additional sections of column pipe are out of the well hole when the pumping equipment became stuck in the well hole.  Another well contractor has been called in to assist with hammering out a portion of the pumping equipment mounted on the outside of the column pipe, which are access pipes for water level monitoring equipment.  Today, the site is being prepared for the additional well rig equipment to access the well hole with the current well rig equipment supporting the weight of the remaining column pipe and pump.

Tomorrow’s update will convey the status of the removal of the remaining pumping equipment and the city’s next steps moving forward.

City water supply is still balanced with customer demands and the cooler weather continues to help.  City staff continues to coordinate water usage with city parks and the largest water customers.

The city appreciates the efforts by all water customers in assisting with reducing their outside water usage during this event.


Photograph of column pipe being removed

Photograph of removed column pipe and shaft


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