Water faucet

Water supply work began this morning at Well 2 located in Roy Raley Park. Well 2 is the city’s largest production well at about 2.6 million gallons per day.

In a follow-up to lifting the voluntary curtailment Saturday afternoon using the city’s community notification system, city staff has also contacted the largest water customers.  The city has asked them to consider keeping their outside irrigation reduced as much as possible as the city is working to bring Well 2 back on-line in the near future.  The city will continue to balance water supply needs with reduced irrigation at city parks and with our largest outside irrigation water customers.  For our residential water customers, the water supply is available for your outside irrigation needs.  The City of Pendleton appreciates all the efforts by our customers to reduce their water usage during this event.


Pump on crane

*Photograph shows pump motor being removed from well house at 9 am Monday morning (August 14th)

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