Water faucet with Green Checkmark

As of now, one of two city wells was brought back online. Water supply and customer demand have been balanced at about 5.5 million gallons per day with the voluntary curtailment.

Well 5 water quality results were good and the well was returned to supplying water just after 2:30 pm Saturday.  This returns just over 2 million gallons per day to the water supply and the voluntary water curtailment has been lifted.  With the other off-line well and work to commence Monday, Pendleton will balance watering needs and supply with the city parks.  Pendleton water customers can again use water to meet their outside irrigation needs.  City still asks for water customer consideration to conserve water to help our parks recover until the other well goes back into service supplying water to the community.

City of Pendleton appreciates the assistance of its water customers in helping work through this event.  The city’s community notification system was used to send a message lifting the voluntary water curtailment request.

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