Water faucet

Water supply is still being maintained at about 5.5 million gallons per day with voluntary curtailment.  Pendleton water customer’s efforts continue to be appreciated.

Pump installer spent over 14 hours on Thursday at Well 5 completing installation of the pump and all 45 10-foot lengths of column pipe, along with associated fittings.  This amounts to 450-feet of column pipe in the well hole.  18 lengths of column pipe were replaced as part of this work.  The pump installer is on-site this morning installing the discharge head and motor (See photograph below).  The pump installer is expected to complete their work by 10 am, including disinfection of the well.  Once they have completed their work, city staff will wire the motor and begin flushing the well.  Around noon, city staff expect to collect a water quality sample and begin having it tested.  Based on the water quality results, after the required 24 hour testing period, city staff expect to put the well back into service mid-day Saturday and lift the voluntary watering curtailment.  The city’s community notification system, AlertSense, will be used to send a message on the status of the well and the possible lifting of the voluntary curtailment.

The pump installer will return to town on Monday August 14th and begin work at Well 2 at Roy Raley Park.  Assessment and determinations for action will be made upon the  removal and inspection of the pumping equipment.  The city is replacing the existing pump with a new pump as part of the repairs.  No immediate time frame has yet been established for having this well back on-line.


Discharge Head Motor

*Photograph of the discharge head and column pipe being installed, taken at 9 am Friday morning.* 

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