Water faucet

Water supply is still being maintained at about 5.5 million gallons per day with voluntary curtailment with adequate water levels in the water system.  Peak demand with irrigation is typically about 10.5 million gallons per day.  Pendleton water customer’s efforts have been greatly appreciated.


Pump installer began work yesterday, Wednesday August 9th, at Well 5 (Stillman Park).  Outside weld splits in the column pipe have been noted (see photograph below).  Column pipe are 12-inch diameter and 10-feet each in length.  All column pipe typically situated under water in the well hole have been further inspected.  Of the 18 lengths normally under water and inspected further, 14 are being changed out to address this concern.  6 lengths of column pipe are being delivered from a Tri-Cities supplier and 8 lengths of column pipe are being delivered from a Portland supplier.  With this issue, our contractor has been set-back about half-a-day.  Installation of all pumping equipment is expected to still occur on Friday August 11th, just later in the day.  Once completely installed, city staff will disinfect, flush, and take a water quality sample.  Based on the water quality sample results after the required 24 hour testing period, city staff expect to put the well back into service late-Saturday August 12th and lift the voluntary watering curtailment.


Pump installer is still scheduled to start work at Well 2 (Roy Raley Park) on Monday August 14th.  Assessment and determinations for action will be made upon the pumping equipment removal and inspection.  The city is replacing the existing pump with a new pump as part of the repairs.  No immediate time frame has yet been established for having this well back on-line.


Outside weld split in column pipe

*Photograph of outside weld splits present in the column pipe


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