Water faucet

Water supply was checked at 4 am this morning. Nighttime water level recovery in the water system was very similar to what was seen before the first well, Well 5 (Stillman), went off-line last week. This is good news. It means the voluntary effort in minimizing outdoor watering is working at this time. City staff will continue to monitor the situation and provide brief updates.

The pump installer will commence installation of the pumping equipment at Well 5 (Stillman) beginning Wednesday. This well is expected to provide water into the distribution system on or before Saturday, assuming the installation goes well. Voluntary watering cut-backs will be lifted once this well is back in service.

For the second well, Well 2 (Round-Up), that went off-line on Monday, the Water Superintendent is working with our pump supplier / installer today (Tuesday August 8th) to assess a new pump for the well. The existing pump (bowls) are believed to be damaged. The city is exploring options for purchase of new, potentially smaller diameter pump, to allow pump placement deeper into the well hole. The city is coordinating removal of the existing pump equipment to begin next Monday. Further assessment and determinations will be made upon its removal and inspection of all the pumping equipment.

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