Conserve Water

City of Pendleton has its two largest water supply wells out of service as of early this morning.  These two water supply wells provide about 4.6 million gallons of water per day.  Our summer peak demand due to outside irrigation is about 10.5 million gallons per day and non-irrigation season demand is about 2.2 million gallons per day.  City is asking all water customers to voluntarily curtail their outdoor water usage as much as possible until further notice. 

The city is planning to have one of the two water supply wells back on-line supplying water this coming weekend and lift the voluntary curtailment.

The first water supply well went off-line early last week.  Repairs are being completed.  Equipment is scheduled to be reinstalled later this week and the well is expected to be placed back into service sometime this Saturday.  City water supply was keeping up with customer demands while city parks were curtailing water usage with this one well out of service.

The second water supply well went off-line at 4 am Monday morning, August 7th.  Repair work will be assessed as soon as the equipment is pulled and inspected.  Depending on the nature of the repairs, it will likely be late next week, at the earliest, before this water supply well is put back into service.  Pulling equipment, inspection, repairs, and reinstallation typically take about 10 to 14 days.

City staff has already requested City parks to curtail additional water usage for the parks during this time.  Schools, Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution, and Round-Up have also been contacted and asked to curtail their outside watering as much as possible.

The city is also asking all customers to assist in this effort and minimize all outside watering as much as possible.  The city last issued a voluntary curtailment in 2002 which was successful in addressing the water supply shortage that summer season.  With our customers assistance, the city should be able to address this shortage in water supply too.

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