Council Chamber

January 10 Workshop

Council discussed the proposed Manufactured Home Ordinance.  This update was done to correct inconsistencies in the current policy and proposed implementing increased development standards to protect neighborhood character.

Council also discussed measures of effectiveness which would enable them to track success in achieving their approved goals.

January 17 Council meeting

Council approved $36,000 to update mobile laptops for police vehicles.

Council adopted final goals.

January 24 Workshop

Council continued their discussion on measures of effectiveness.  Current as proposed:

Goal:  Sustainable Infrastructure Funding for Buildings, roads, and utilities

Measures of Success: 

  • Eliminate backlog of building maintenance ($14,317,965)
  • Sinking Fund to address annual accumulation of maintenance
  • Eliminate backlog of road maintenance ($16M)
  • Maintain road condition PMI >___(score)  (est. $2.8M/year; currently $800k/year)
  • Meet planned replacement schedules for water, sewer, and stormwater as per 2015 master plans
  • Fund Emergency Equipment plan

Goal:  Increase Economic Development Activities

Measures of Success:

  • TRT Tax Revenue
  • Land Valuation
  • Airport land Leased
  • Create an accounting of unfilled jobs at key employer sites
  • Work with BMCC to create another economic model

Goal:  Development of Quality Commercial, industrial, and residential property

Measures of Success:

  • Create additional “shovel ready” industrial lands (acres)
  • Building permit numbers            

Goal:  Increase Available Housing

Measures of Success:

  • Show new home construction by class year over year    

February 7 Council Meeting

Council received the annual audit report from Auditor Rob Tremper of Dickey & Tremper.  Congratulations to everyone in the Finance Department.  Despite implementation of new financial software during the year, this was the best audit report since my arrival in Pendleton.  Thank you all for everything you do and that you did during this past year.

Council offered support to the VFW who proposed working with the City to develop a memorial at Hwy. 11 and E. Court St.  The Arts and Parks Commission will be asked to review the proposed project.

Safety Committee gave their annual report to the Council.

Council approved the purchase of the VAC Truck for the Street Department.

Council accepted the lots in Sunridge that had been foreclosed on by the County.  We will not market the properties with the proceeds being used to pay off the LID debt created with the installation of the infrastructure at that location.

Robb Corbett, City Manager

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