Chaperones Needed!

On behalf of the Pendleton Cultural Foundation, we invite you to consider chaperoning the students on the cultural exchange to Minamisoma, Japan in 2017. The chaperone is the responsible adult traveling with six high school students to Japan for two weeks in July. The chaperone and students fundraise to pay for the airfare to Japan. Once the group is in Japan, the bulk of the expenses, including meals and housing, are provided by our counterparts in Japan. The cultural exchange is an amazing experience to tour Japan and live with a Japanese family. The trip includes a great deal of walking each day in high heat and humidity. In mid-August, we will host a Japanese delegation that includes 6 students and a chaperone. The chaperone is not responsible for hosting the Japanese delegation, but is encouraged to meet with the group and possibly agree to be a day host.

The chaperone is responsible for the following: (1) assisting in choosing the students for the program, (2) preparing the students for the trip to Japan (travel, etiquette, language), (3) coordinating the fundraising for airline tickets for the group, (4) responding to student problems or concerns in Japan, and (5) assisting the chaperone the following year. The Pendleton Cultural Foundation and past chaperone will support you in your efforts.

The chaperone should have experience with the sister city program through assistance in prior fundraising, hosting, student preparation, and/or planning of the sister city program. The chaperone will need to pass a background check prior to final approval.

If you would like to apply to chaperone the students in 2017 please fill out the application found HERE (Word).   Deadline for application is November 1, 2016.

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