Open Burning

The Open Burn Season is now OPEN by order of the Fire Marshal. Please check the Daily Air Quality Forecast for today's burning restrictions.


Due to the recent improvements in weather conditions within the City of Pendleton, Rieth Water District, Lower McKay, McKay Dam, and Riverside Fire Districts.  Open burning has opened effective October 11th, 2018. 

Open burning is any burning outdoors including burn barrels, backyard burning, and piles of yard debris that is generated from that property.  Burning stumps, field burns, burning trash, commercial waste, demolition waste, construction debris, and bonfires require special permits available from the Pendleton Fire Department at no charge. 

It is against the law to conduct any open burning that unreasonably interferes with the enjoyment of life or property, creates a public or private nuisance, or is a hazard to public safety.

Burn barrels within the fire districts are permitted; they may only be used on approved “Green Days.”  Burn barrels are not allowed within the Pendleton city limits any time of the year by City Ordinance. 

Before using a burn barrel outside of the City during the closed burning season residents must determine if it is a “Green Day”.  This can be determined by calling the County Burn Line at 541-278-6397 (During the open burning season use the City Burn Line at 541-966-0327).

For a complete list of burning, regulations visit the Pendleton Fire Department at 911 SW Court Ave or visit our website

Shawn Penninger Assistant Chief / Fire Marshal 541-276-1442

Domestic waste includes yard debris, such as leaves, branches, brush, and small amounts of unpainted and untreated lumber.

Burn Barrels


Burn barrels may only be used in the Fire Districts on "Good Burn Days" and only for domestic waste. 

When the open burning season is closed, between June 5th & October 1st, Fire District residents may call the County's burn line at 541-966-0327 to determine if it is "Good Burn Day" to allow the use of burn barrels.  This applies to the burn barrel ONLY and not to other open burning.