Schedule an In-Home Energy Review Today!


Energy Trust, funded through your utility payments, offers a great FREE service to you in your home: the Home Energy Review (HER).

To get started today, call Energy Trust at 888-354-2603, and ask to schedule an in-home energy review. It's FREE. No catches.

What's a Home Energy Review?

As part of an In-Home Energy Review, an Energy Trust expert energy auditor will come to your house and evaluate your home for energy efficiency. The process takes about an hour, and afterwards, your auditor will give you a list of non-binding recommendations for making your house more efficient, along with the incentives available to help you out financially. It’s a win-win!

To learn more about an HER, check out this YouTube channel courtesy of Energy Trust.

Short on time?

You still have HER options! You can:

  1. Complete an HER by phone (an Energy Trust expert auditor will assist you over the phone): Call 866-368-7878 (it takes about 20 min)
  2. Complete a self-HER online: this link from Energy Trust’s website will walk you through the process

*Note to renters: You are still eligible to have an HER performed in your rental, but you must first ask you landlord or property manager to call 888-354-2603 to give you permission to schedule an appointment. Check here for more information.