It is easy to start volunteering -- just fill out the application and criminal background check form. The forms can also be found in the Pendleton Public Library, and in the Administration Office at City Hall. Turn in completed forms to the Administration Office or by mail. After your background check has cleared, you will be contacted regarding orientation dates. Orientation is a short meeting to go over the Volunteer Handbook and get any questions you may have answered. After orientation, you may start volunteering.

If you are interested in a particular personal or group project that is not listed on the application, contact the Volunteer Coordinator to see if you can make that project happen. If the VC cannot answer your question, they will endeavor to put you into contact with the right person.

Another way to volunteer is to serve on a city-appointed board, committee or commission.  A list of these opportunities, along with application information, is available from our Boards and Commissions page.

Volunteers in 201 donated 3,830 hours of their time in 4 departments -- Library, Parks & Recreation, Police, and City Hall. In those departments, volunteers held 32 different positions. The City of Pendleton Volunteer Program Report for 2017 is available here

Volunteer positions are available for individuals and groups. Some positions are long-term, while others are short-term or even one-time events. Opportunities include shelving books, manning admissions tables, maintenance help, and many more positions.

The Volunteer Coordinator will be able to answer questions you might have about these opportunities.