Need a ride to the store? Work? Baseball practice? College? Auto repair? We've got options for you!

The City of Pendleton transportation programs consist of senior/disabled taxi tickets,  general public taxi tickets, senior meal site transportation, a daily van service serving the general public, parks and recreation summer interpark rides, and an aquatic center summer transport.  The City contracts with Elite Taxis, Inc for these services. 

Senior and Disabled Taxi Ticket Voucher Program

The senior and disabled taxi ticket voucher program provides rides within Pendleton and the Urban Growth boundary.  The City provides rides to participants who live within seven driving miles of the City of Pendleton boundary and do not live within another transit provider agency's boundary.  The taxi service provides rides 7 days a week between the hours of 5:00 am to 3:00 am daily except for holidays.  The service is provided to citizens 60 years of age or older and disabled individuals.  The participants pay $2.00 for a one way ride.  Limited tickets are available dependent on grant funding and are distributed among all participants on a semi-annual basis.  The City distributes more tickets than funds are budgeted knowing there is a historical percentage of unused tickets quarterly. The phone number is (541) 276-8294.

Senior Meal Site Transportation Program

The senior meal site transportation program transports seniors to and from the Pendleton Senior Center five days a week for lunch.  This program is on a donation basis only and it's scheduled pickups are by phone requests, (541) 276-8294.

Daily Van Service

This service runs weekdays between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm, Saturdays from 8:00 am to 5 pm, and Sunday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. It is a dial-a-ride program where the customer calls the taxi service in the business day before to arrange rides for the following day during the hours of operation.  Same day requests will be available on a space available basis only to the general public and donations are encouraged.  This service runs within the City of Pendleton and the Urban Growth boundary. $1 per ride.  Call 9:00 am and 4:00 pm to arrange the next day ride, (541) 276-6476.

Elite Transit Tickets

This service runs the 22 hours a day except for holidays.  This program operates similarly to the Senior/Disabled taxi service except all general public can ride. No prequalification is necessary.  Up to 6 tickets a week can be purchased at City Hall for $3.25 per ticket. Area covered is City limits and the Urban Growth Boundary.  The phone number is (541) 276-8294.

Aquatic Center Transportation

This summer service is open to the general public.  A schedule of pickup times and locations around the City is provided three days a week with return service.  Donations are encouraged.

Parks and Rec Interpark Transportation

This summer service provides transportation between Pendleton community parks for children to participate in group activities on a prearranged recreation schedule.  It also provides Wednesday aquatic center rides through the parks programs.  This service primarily is geared towards children but is open to the general public.  Free service.


With financial assistance from St. Anthony’s, the City of Pendleton provides free taxi service for any person who needs prompt medical attention but does not require the specialized care and immediate response of an ambulance.  The individual may call the taxi company at (541) 276-8294 direct for a free ride to the emergency room and back.  If a doctor needs to see a patient immediately for a non-routine emergency call, the doctor’s office can call to schedule a free ride for the patient to the doctor’s office and back.

The City provides rides to all individuals regardless of age, income, or disabilities.  The City provides access with three City/State owned wheelchair accessible vehicles along with taxis owned by the taxi contractor.  All individuals are afforded the rides on the same order of calls, “first call, first ride” priority regardless of disabilities unless the wheelchair accessible vehicle is in current use and a taxi is not accessible by the individual.