How Does Solarize Pendleton Work?

Image: Solarize Pendleton banner

Here's how the program works:

  1. Get your free solar site assessment from your choice of Energy Trust Certified solar contractors. You’ll learn how big a system you can get and the cost of different options
  2. Schedule a free Home Energy Review with Energy Trust. Installing solar will only save you money if your house isn't leaky! We want you to know the facts by getting an audit BEFORE you decide on solar. Call 888-354-2603 and ask to schedule an in-home energy review.
  3. Submit an application for a City of Pendleton interest-free solar loan. (Click here for Applications)
  4. Decide, based on site assessment and loan eligibility, whether or not to commit to solar.Photo: Solar panels catch the rays
  5. Sign your contract with the chosen contractor. The contractor will coordinate permits, equipment purchases, the installation schedule, and inspections.
  6. Your system is installed!
  7. Get appropriate signatures and the paperwork for the State and Federal Tax Credits.
  8. Start enjoying your new solar energy!