Annual Neighborhood Clean-Ups

Each year, the City plans to sponsor a different neighborhood to receive free or reduced-cost access to clean-up services. During the 2013 Clean-Up, for example, residents were offered:

  • Free dumpsters
  • Free yard-waste disposal using volunteer vehicles
  • Volunteer assistance on high-priority projects identified by residents
  • Donated materials to assist with completing landscaping and minor structural improvements
  • Block Party celebration after week-long clean-up to thank volunteers and residents

Check out Before and After pictures from the 2013 Neighborhood Clean-Up by clicking HERE!

Spring Cleaning!

In addition to the neighborhood-specific clean-up, the City offers special assistance for seniors and disabled residents each spring. Volunteer crews spend 1 day helping interested residents remove clutter from their homes and yards at no cost.

Normally, this day-long Spring Cleaning happens during the last full week of April, but keep checking back for the official date!

Residents who need spring cleaning help and would like to have assistance in their home should contact the City Administration office at 541-966-0201 in late March and early April.

Volunteers who would like to contribute their services to elderly and disabled residents should also contact City Administration at 541-966-0201. We greatly encourage you to form a team of volunteers on your own (say, of your coworkers or members of your congregation) before contacting us. Your service to your neighbors is greatly appreciated.


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